Things I Learned After Living Away From Home

I will admit, when it was time for me to move away for college, I was eagerly looking forward to it. Not because I wanted to get away from my family, I have been blessed with an amazing family. I was eager because the idea of living away had a certain appeal like I am sure it does to many. Although, as excited as I was, I was also nervous. The idea of having to pack my life in a few boxes and leaving everything I knew behind, was terrifying.

Yet, I have to say moving out was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have grown in ways I never thought I could. I have learned lessons I probably never would and I wanted to share them with you.

Enjoy Being Alone 


I have lived alone before but only for a few hours, when my parents were at work. This has, to an extent taught me to enjoy my own company. Yet, I have never been alone for days at a stretch. I do live with a roommate, but roommates go on vacations and you are left with your company in a big lonely house. The first time it happened, it disturbed me but over time I learned to love my own company. Eventually, I learned to enjoy the quiet and realized it was time I could spend on myself. I still have my bad days, but they aren’t as common anymore.

Become Independent


Now I know, everyone says ‘I want to be independent’, I sure did. It wasn’t until I lived alone that I realized what it means, though. Being independent is so much more than partying and having your own money to spend. Being independent means, washing your clothes, cooking, cleaning your room and all those things mom probably did or nagged you into doing. Now there is no nagging, just you and a messy room. 

Become Money Wise


Apart from cooking, cleaning and partying you know what else you have to manage? Money. And trust me, if you aren’t really careful with it, it will run out faster than you can say fast. Been there, done that and six months down the line, I am much more careful with the money I get. I still struggle though and have to ask for more when I run out of my monthly allowance in 15 days.

Never Take Family For Granted


I miss the days when I was blessed to come back to a house filled with family and dinner already cooked. Now, I come back to an empty house and bills. But more than that, though, living away has taught me to appreciate my family. I have always loved my family, but living away from them made me realize just how blessed I really am. Coming back to a house filled with people who love you is a feeling I miss every day. Trust me I am never taking them for granted again.

Learn To Be An Adult 


Or at least learn how to fake being an adult. There is so much to do in the real world. That bill isn’t going to pay itself and if you forget (which you will if you are anything like me) then well, you’re doomed. Got bit by a dog? Yeah, you better man up and drive yourself to the hospital to get all those injections you will need.  Over a period of time, though, you will stop faking and actually become a fully functioning adult. Or so I’ve heard. 


What about you? Have you moved out of home yet? Are you going to soon? 
I have some more wisdom to part if you are willing to listen (Although who am I kidding, I am still hopeless with the whole ‘living alone business’). 
Let me know in the comments below.

You know I love to talk to you guys. 🙂 



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