July Warp Up

July has been a very interesting month for me. I finally served my 2 month notice period at work and was a free bird again. I also went on a trip to Dubai, which was a very hot trip but it was super fun nonetheless! I am also going to be moving into my hostel/dorm at Uni by the 15th of August. It feels really strange, going back to being a student after almost a year and a half. Yet, I have come to realise that after these two years I will have to work for the rest of my life!! That is enough to give me nightmares. I also completed one year as a book blogger!

As for my life as a reader, I have read 12 books this month! That is a lot of books all things considered (read: travelling, uni shopping, etc). The reviews for all the books won’t be published this month, but I am hoping by mid-week of August all the reviews for the books I read this month should be up.



*in order of publication

Where Have I Been? [Update]

The Sunshine Blogger Award [Award]

The School Of Good And Evil By Sonam Chainani [Book Review]

One Year Blogiversary 

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Have Made Me Want To Do [ 26th July 2016]

Dubai Dairies: The City At First Glance [Travel]

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows [Book Review]

Most Likely To Book Tag [Tag]


Marie from Drizzle & Hurricane Books posted about What Does Being a Bookworm Realy Mean.

Iridescence from  Light Up The Shining Night Stars shared her experience about blogging every day. You check here post here.

Lucy from Blonde Write More posted about how blogging daily for a year has changed her. (Lucy: I wish I could blog daily for a week! A year is an amazing job!! #inspired)

Ava from Bookishness And Tea says why she loves rereading books.

Divya from Endless Pages, did a guest post on Princessica Of Books talking about the Cons of Being A Bookworm In India (Completely relatable!!)

Aentee has come up with an amazing idea mash up Pokemon and books! She is hosting a The Pokemon Indigo League Read-a-thon. You can read about it and sign up here.

Fadwa from Word Wonders wrote about Things No One Tells You About Being A Book Blogger. She is also celebrating her 6-month blogging anniversary!

Divya, again from Endless Pages, shared her favorite Harry Potter Fanart!

Reg from She Latitude made an amazing book look post based on the book Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Is she talented or what?!

And lastly, for some reflection time, here is a post from Social Refuel, about Why You Shouldn’t Have Too Much On Your Plate.

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my posts on the blog and please do visit and check out all the posts by other bloggers. They really are good ❤

Have you read any of the books mentioned? 

Have you already read the above posts from other bloggers? 

Comments and let me know!! 

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13 thoughts on “July Warp Up

  1. You’ve read lots of books this month! I’ve read Rebel of the Sands, This Savage Song, My Lady Jane, School of Good and Evil, and the Harry Potter ones. Which one did you enjoy the most, and which one did you enjoy the least? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing my post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved them all!!! But if I had to choose I would say I loved This Savage Song the most and least liked Rebel Of The Sands. I am not even considering Harry Potter in the list, that surpasses every book I have read so far ❤️
      What about you? Which one did you like the best and the least?

      I love your posts and HAD to share at least one! 😁


      1. Hmm, I really liked My Lady Jane and This Savage Song! They’re very different books, but while I gave 3.5 stars to TSS and 4 stars to My Lady Jane, I think I actually prefer TSS… it’s just objectively a more serious book and (I assume) harder to write because of all the world-building going on. Rebel of the Sands would be my least favourite too from this list of three books. 😛

        Haha, thanks! You’re too sweet. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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