Dubai Diaries: The City At First Glance

I wanted to travel to some place, that’s all I knew. I didn’t care where I would go, but I knew I needed to leave. There were two major reasons for that:

  1. I was going back to university after working for a year, so I needed a vacation.
  2. My best friend went to all the places I wanted to go to, and I was getting tired of simply sitting at home and being jealous.

That’s why I made that call to my mother about how she needs to let me go somewhere! And to my surprise, she said I could go to Dubai. And that’s how I was on my way to Dubai on the 7th of July.


I knew even bore I left that I had to make a post about my trip, but I wasn’t sure I would go about doing it. I went to SO MANY places – even though it summer and half the places were all closed – which is why it didn’t seem right to just make one post about it all. Therefore, there will be a series of posts about various places I visited. Let’s get started on this one, shall we?

Now fair warning, I did take all the cliche pictures from the airplane and stuff, but I swear to God it was all so beautiful! ❤

Oman Hatta Border

That is the Oman Hatta border. I did some research and Wikipedia says, Hatta, located in the Hajar Mountains, is the inland territory of the emirate of Dubai, UAE. It’s where all the emiratis go during summer since its located to the south-east of Dubai and is away from the coast.


The desert people! I couldn’t go for a desert safari due to the heat, but I am assuming this is where I would have been.

Dubai City

Dubai is so full of tall buildings! No wonder Dubai is well known for its skyscrapers and architectural wonders. This was the view when I was on my way from the airport to my aunt’s place. That’s where I stayed during this entire trip.


What do you think of the post so far? This was just me entering into Dubai.The lovely city of Dubai is still in store. I cannot wait to show you everything! I will soon put links below to all the posts in the series and they will start working as and when I post them, so stayed tuned.

Here is what I want to know –

Have you been to Dubai? How was your experience?

Do you live in Dubai?

Comment and let me know! 😀 



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