TTT: Books Have Made Me Want To Do

Top Ten Tuesday meme that was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic:

Books Have Made Me Want To Do


The Alchemist Book Cover


Fangirl Book Cover

Learn Magic


Be A Badass Fighter

Th Queen Of Shadows Book Cover

Be A Part Of A Heist 

Six Of Crows Book Cover

What books make you want to do/learn something new?

Do you share the same feelings as me about these books?

Comment and let me know 😀



11 thoughts on “TTT: Books Have Made Me Want To Do

  1. Because of Harry Potter I definitely had a Hogwarts phase where I begged my father to take me to the school one day (what I really meant was HP world in Orlando). I eventually did went, but my desire to learn magic still hasn’t been satiated. Also I loved that you included being a badass heroine! I have a lot of friends that took martial arts growing up; I was too busy with piano but I really wish I had learned at least some self defense (or maybe even dance).

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    1. I remember, recently hunting everywhere for a wand. But couldnt get my hands on it since it India and interesting book related things are REALLY hard to find! I got so desperate I ended up making my own wand ❤️ I only wish it actually worked!
      I have a fee friends too who have learned martial arts and I so want to learn it too. Just to be confident in myself that I can protect myself if need be.
      So, even if magic will never actually become a reality, begin badass just might. 🙈

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