Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Reasons I Love Monsoon

Top Ten Tuesday meme that was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic:

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Monsoon

So its monsoon here in India so I figured what better time to gush about my second favorite season. ❤ (Winter is my MOST BELOVED season, for those of you who were wondering.)



Because Petrichor!  The smell of earth after the first rains is probably what heaven smells like.

Because Reading! My favorite time to read? Is during the monsoon! I find the monsoon very calming and meditative, which lets me dive into my book with full force.

Because Thinking! The best time to introspect is being curled up in bed with chai and samosas. It’s so much easier to sort  out all those thoughts;  everything from life plans, school, finance and anything else in between. 

Thinking In the Rain

Because Bike Rides! They are the BEST, no kidding. Bike rides in the rain are perfect for couples. Trust me! If not that, then India has such beautiful bike trails across the country that anyone passionate about biking is found there.

Because Rainbows! I have always admired rainbows, as a child and as an adult. They are spectacular!

Because Dance! All right, we all know I am 22, BUT if it rains and I am not at work. I dance! Literally, walk out and jump into puddles, bust some dance moves  and what not.


Because Chai! Sipping on hot chai when you are drenched makes it an experience to remember. Heck, sipping on chai while watching droplets hit the ground is an experience.

Because Romance! Romance is so much more romantic in the rain ❤ even though my boyfriend hates the rain 😦

Because Hibernating! The best sleep is when you can hear the pitter-patter of the rain outside. You know why? Because it’s so peaceful, yes even with the pitter-patter.

Because well, umbrellas! Not even going to start here.



Do you love monsoon or hate it?

Does it rain for 3-4 months in your country? 

What post did you put up for Top Ten Tuesday today? Post the link in the comment below and I promise I will visit!


Disclaimer: All the images above are taken from Google Image Search. None of them belong to me.

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Reasons I Love Monsoon

  1. Where I currently live, it rains a lot, ahah, not 3-4 months in a row like it does during monsoon season, but it does rain a lot, and it’s annoying, because I don’t really like it, at all, haha. But you’re so right in that rainy days are perfect reading days, I love it 🙂

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  2. It’s raining in Canada as well, but only for a few days at a time usually. It comes and goes. Lately it’s been pretty grey outside but that has been my excuse to stay in and draw/read more. 😛

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    1. Oh! I didnt know all these places see rain at all! I wish I could do that as well, I have to go to work everyday instead. You draw? So do I! Just doodles though. I’d love to see your drawings ❤️


    1. OMG! Yes! I love both these seasons. They are perfect to curl up with a book and coffee and just get lost in a book ❤
      Though, I hate travelling during rain. I use a scooty so if I am stuck in the rain, I am always drenched. And then I have to sit at work in the AC freezing. 😦

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        1. Hahahaha! Thank God its not like that here. Just June through August I need to make sure I carry an umbrella everywhere. I agree though, if it just starts raining out of nowhere all the time it gets annoying

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    1. Thank you! ❤
      Finally I found a place that doesn't see a lot of rain! 😀 I am so glad you are starting to enjoy the rains. They truly are beautiful. Agreed! Hot tea/coffee and a good book with rain outside is perfect ❤


  3. I live in a small town in the UK which normally rains ALOT but were actually having some really sunny weather lately! It’s very strange, were a town known for being gloomy and rainy! I also love reading when it is raining, also sleeping. I love the sound of the rainfall.

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    1. Do you like the rain? But if it rains so often, I am sure you enjoy the sun more. Its the opposite here, its so hot the rain and winter brings with it some relief! Problems if we live so close to the equator I guess :p
      I love the sound of rainfall too! Do you like the scent of the earth after the first rain? With all that rain, does that even happen?


      1. I love the smell of the rain after it has been really warm, which is like it is now. I actually do like the rain, some days with it raining so much it can get a bit annoying but i’ve always found it brings a sense of peace. Whereas when it’s really hot, sitting in a classroom or being stuck at work makes it awful haha!

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  4. Aww, I love the rain! I’ve never heard of Monsoon until now and it sounds like it could be my kind of season. I would love it if it rained more this year around where I am in Canada. We didn’t seem to get much rain this time and it sucks because I love listening to it. You’re absolutely right too! It’s the perfect time to read and think!

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  5. You had me at chai! I love it…and not the Starbucks kind. I mean the real ones my programmer friends bring back from their homeland that will keep me up until way past my bedtime. Ha ha. I also love the rain. It cleans the Earth leaving everything so much nicer. But, I can’t have too much rain or else I get cabin fever. I need to leave my house once a day to functional normally.


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