Top Ten Tuesday: Loving The Internet

Top Ten Tuesday meme that was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic:

Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books


This is my go to website. Whenever I am bored or free this is where I am. Many already know how much time can be wasted on Buzzfeed. I shamelessly waste more time than I have.


This is the Indian counterpart of Buzzfeed and equally fun. Scoopwhoop is majorly focused on India which makes it really relatable! Though they do have generic posts everyone can enjoy.

Thought Catalogue

This is where my writing inspiration comes from. Out of everything they post, my favorite is the Creepy Catalogue. I must admit I have has sleepless nights after spending time reading all the creepy and scary stories written by some amazing writer!


YouTube! Oh, my love for this website will never die. I watch almost anything and everything here. Music videos, rants, beauty, book reviews and so much more. Like I said anything and everything!


Not a site I visit often, but it’s one of the important ones. I design most of my blog pictures here. Since I lost touch with Photoshop, Canva has been my savior.


Pinterest is yet another youtube for me. I search for almost everything here. Beauty, fashion, fitness, quotes etc but my favorite are Tumblr posts!


Amazon is my shopping hub. Sure, I buy a lot of things from Amazon, but my order list and wishlist majorly consist of books both physical copies and kindle books.


This is the place for losing weight! Thanks to these guys I have lost more weight than I can every imagine. This is a facebook group but it’s no less interesting. The knowledge I have of nutrition and fitness is unparalleled.

8 Tracks

When I am done and bored with the songs in my phone and want to find new music, 8 Tracks it is. So much of the music I know is because of this site.


The Indian version of 8 Tracks. While I listen to western music on 8 Tracks, I listen to Bollywood on Ganna. Songs I found on 8 Tracks are saved and downloaded on my Ganna playlist.

This is it! Do we have anything in common? What about sites you have never heard of before? Let me know in the comments! 



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