Kindle Paperwhite – The Reason I’m Here

Hey guys! I recently got myself a Kindle Paperwhite and I am stoked! This opens up so many more avenues for me to read more books without having to carry around a bunch of books with me every time I go somewhere. If you read the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge that I have on my blog then you would know there are tons of books that are now on my bookshelf. And if I want to have any chance at nailing the Eclectic Reader Challenge then I need to make a list of books I want to read and start doing so pronto! But that’s not the only reason why I am mentioning buying a Kindle. I need to give it credit for being the reason I ended up making this blog in the first place. Let me be clear, I had this website up for about a few months now but it just lay there gathering dust. It’s when I got my Kindle and started reading and hunting for reading challenges that I realized I need to start documenting my reading journey. And lo and behold, Fervently Curious came back to life! So well, this post is less for the joy of celebrating buying a Kindle but more the joy of finally getting the courage to get this blog running!


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